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Miriam R. Jorgensen. 1990. Development Finance at the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation: Assessing a Proposal for Economic Rejuvenation. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
Miriam Jorgensen. 1990. “Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef, Part A. A Teaching Case Study in Tribal Management for Oglala Lakota Collge”. View Report (PDF)Abstract

This case was written by Miriam R. Jorgensen for use at Oglala Lakota College; it was prepared under the direction of Professors Stephen Cornell and Joseph Kalt, co-directors of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development. Support was provided by the Kellogg Foundation through the Managers as Warriors Program at Oglala Lakota College. This case was designed as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial and administrative situation. Neither is it intended as an investigative report, so certain facts may have been altered.

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Miriam Jorgensen. 1990. Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef, Part B. View Report (PDF)Abstract

"…In the spring of 1986, financier Scott Bates entered into a joint venture agreement with the Oglala Sioux Tribe to organize Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef, Inc. The corporation purchased a partially defunct packing plant in the nearby, but off-reservation town of Gordon, Nebraska, a move which was to provide substantial profit for the Tribe and employment opportunities for tribal members..."

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1990. A Prototypical Economic Development Corporation for Native American Tribes. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
Miriam Jorgensen. 1990. “A Teaching Supplement to "Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef, Part B"”. View Report (PDF)Abstract

Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef, Part B - Questions and Points of Discussion

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1989. Are Indians Getting a Good Deal? A Study of Bureau of Indian Affairs Forest Management. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Constitutional Reform for the San Carlos Apache Tribe | A Report to the Apache Tribe of San Carlos, Arizona. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
Joseph P. Kalt and Stephen Cornell. 1989. Culture and Institutions as Public Goods: American Indian Economic Development as a Problem of Collective Action. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Evaluating the Impact of Federal Welfare Reform Legislation in Indian Country: A Case Study of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation | A Report to The Council of Energy Resource Tribes. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Governmental Policies Promoting Management of Wildlife and Wildlife-Based Recreation on American Indian Reservations. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Navajo Forest Products Industries: Establishing an Economic Development Corporation | A Report to the Navajo Forest Products Industries. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
Joseph P. Kalt and Stephen Cornell. 1989. Pathways from Poverty: Development and Institution-Building on American Indian Reservations. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Tourism and Economic Development: Considerations for Tribal Policy and Planning. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Tourism Development for American Indians in Arizona: The Potential for State Involvement | A Report to the Native American Tourism Center. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. The Tribal Judiciary: A Primer for Policy Development | A Report to Pascua Yaqui, Gila River, Hopi, Navajo, White Mountain Apache, San Carlos Apache, and Tohono O'odham. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. When Things Go Wrong: Disciplinary Policies for Tribal Departments | A Report to the Hualapai Indian Tribe of Arizona. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. The Economics of Bingo: Factors Influencing the Success of Bingo Operations on American Indian Reservations. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract