From Vision to Decision: Development of the Uplands at Swinomish | Swinomish Indian Tribal Community


The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community’s recent acquisition of a 360-acre parcel of land within the reservation known as the Knudsen Farm marks the beginning of a new period of major opportunities and significant choices for the Swinomish. The Tribe has already decided to devote approximately half of the Knudsen parcel, which lies along the Swinomish Channel below Padilla Bay, to a new 1,200 slip Marina that at the time of this writing is scheduled to begin construction in late summer 2002 (see Map on Page 2 for layout of proposed Marina). The purpose of this report is to investigate the possibilities available to the Swinomish for the development of the remainder of the site, approximately 120- acres surrounding the Marina known as “the Uplands.” The report is written from the perspective that the proposed Marina will move forward as planned, creating an opportunity for the Tribe to choose between a variety of sometimes competing economic and social opportunities created by following different paths in the development of the Uplands. 

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Last updated on 02/08/2022