Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

2018. Health Aide Training Programs | Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. View Report (PDF)Abstract

Six individuals dressed in medical garb conducting a health trainingThe opportunity to see a medical professional when needed is something that many people living in the United States take for granted. For those living in rural Alaska however, visiting a medical professional is rarely easy. Communities are isolated, medial needs are significant, and patients' cultural and linguistic backgrounds can affect diagnoses and treatments. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has taken on these challenges by educating village residents to serve as the primary medical providers within the state's tribal health care system.

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2016. Alaska Rural Utility Collaborative | Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. View Report (PDF)Abstract

Two people standing in front of plumbing infrastructureIndoor plumbing is a basic amenity that most Americans take for granted. In parts of rural Alaska, however, providing water and sewer service is not an easy task. The harsh climate requires special adaptations, costs are high, and many small communities lack the expertise needed to manage complex systems. To address these challenges, the Alaska Rural Utility Collaborative facilitates cooperation among Alaska Native villages to assist them with the operations of their own water and sewer systems as effectively and inexpensively as possible.

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Ben Heraghty. 2/2005. “Excellence in Tribal Governance: An Honoring Nations Case Study - Menominee Community Center of Chicago”. View Report (PDF)Abstract

A unique partnership between an urban Indian center and a tribal government, the tribally funded Community Center serves nearly 500 Menominee tribal citizens living in the greater Chicago area. The Center and the tribal government work together to ensure that all of its citizens are actively involved in tribal affairs by organizing trips to the reservation, providing full electoral rights for off-reservation citizens, and by holding official tribal legislature meetings at the Center.

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