Rosebud Sioux Sicangu Lakota Tetunwan Oyate Constitutional Reform


The work, which is currently being done within the Rosebud Sioux community to amend the current 1935 IRA Constitution is both timely and extremely commendable. Reforming the constitution so that it better fits the present day lives and culture of the Rosebud Sioux community is an ambitious act, currently being tackled by the Rosebud Community at-large and through the hard work of the Constitutional Task Force. A constitution should serve as the essence of the community, which embodies the spirit, political structure, culture, and way of life in which a society has chosen to live. Potential investors will look at the safeguards in place within the constitution to see how their potential investments will be protected. Foreign peoples will look at the Constitution and develop an image of what the Rosebud Sioux stand for. While a constitution must be legitimate in the eyes of its people, it must also evoke a proud and deep personal sense of connection. There seems to be broad consensus that the current constitution comes up short in these respects. Therefore it is extremely advantageous that the Rosebud Community and the Constitutional Task Force have been working to address some of the current Constitution’s shortcomings. The amending process of the Constitution, which is currently taking place, is a tremendous step in the direction of exerting sovereignty and developing a precious document, which can accurately embody the unique Rosebud culture and establish a culturally practical political structure.

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