Field Reports

1993. Developing Restitution as an Alternative Sanction for the Tuba City Family Court | Navajo Nation . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1993. A Foundation for Economic Development for the Hualapai Nation: Building an Enterprise Board | Hualapai Tribal Nation. View Report (PDF)Abstract

"…For the Hualapai Tribe, economic development engenders more than job creation or increased income generation. Economic development is a means of promoting community revitlization, which will empower the Hualapai to move from a dependent state to a sovereign nation. Therefore, the purpose of this pper is to assist in building the institutional development capacity of the Hualapai Nation via the reconstruction of the Enterprise Board..."

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1993. Human Resource Management Reform at the White Mountain Apache Tribe | White Mountain Apache Tribe . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1993. Overcoming Conflicts with the Endangered Species Act: Building Tribal Endangered Species Management Capacity. A Report to the White Mountain Apache Tribe | White Mountain Apache Tribe . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1992. Buying Back the Land: Land Acquisition as a Means to Achieving Tribal Goals on the Puyallup Reservation | Puyallup Tribe . View Report (PDF)Abstract

"…In 1991, the Tribal Council of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians in Tacoma, Washington, identified five long-range goals for the Tribe. The first among these was a stated desire to buy back lands within the Reservtion which had been previously sold by the Tribe or lost through the pssage of the laws and policies of non-Indian governments. For this reson, combined with a requirement by the Land Claims Settlement Act of 1988, the Tribe's Land Use Director is developing a comprehensive land use plan. This report addresses the land acquisition component of the broader land use plan.

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1992. Negotiating a Vision: Principles of Comprehensive Resource Planning and a Planning Process for the White Mountain Apache Tribe | White Mountain Apache Tribe . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Are Indians Getting a Good Deal? A Study of Bureau of Indian Affairs Forest Management. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Constitutional Reform for the San Carlos Apache Tribe | A Report to the Apache Tribe of San Carlos, Arizona. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Evaluating the Impact of Federal Welfare Reform Legislation in Indian Country: A Case Study of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation | A Report to The Council of Energy Resource Tribes. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Governmental Policies Promoting Management of Wildlife and Wildlife-Based Recreation on American Indian Reservations. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Navajo Forest Products Industries: Establishing an Economic Development Corporation | A Report to the Navajo Forest Products Industries. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Tourism and Economic Development: Considerations for Tribal Policy and Planning. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. Tourism Development for American Indians in Arizona: The Potential for State Involvement | A Report to the Native American Tourism Center. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. The Tribal Judiciary: A Primer for Policy Development | A Report to Pascua Yaqui, Gila River, Hopi, Navajo, White Mountain Apache, San Carlos Apache, and Tohono O'odham. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract
1989. When Things Go Wrong: Disciplinary Policies for Tribal Departments | A Report to the Hualapai Indian Tribe of Arizona. See Full Report (PDF)Abstract