Field Reports

1998. Nodin Kaja Nodik Megasee (Hear Like an Eagle) Hearing Health for White Earth Reservation. | White Earth Chippewa Tribe. View Report (PDF)Abstract

This report addresses a number of initiatives, relating to hearing health, that the White Earth Tribal Council may wish to implement. These proposals were developed to build on the programs, skills and equipment already in place at White Earth. Rather than requiring major financial undertakings, these proposals present opportunities for White Earth Tribal Council to continue to expand the number of areas in which Ojibwe National sovereighty is being exercised.

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1998. Tool of Sovereignty: The Crow Commercial Code | Crow Tribe of Montana . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1998. Toward a Comprehensive Workforce Development System for the Oglala Nation . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1998. Towards a Declaration for the Protection of the Intellectual and Cultural Property Rights of Native Peoples: An Attempt at a Framework for a Model Tribal Law for The Morning Star Institute, Washington, D.C. View Report (PDF)Abstract

The Project aims to create a basic framework for a Draft Declaration for the Protection of the Intellectual and Cultural Property Rights of Native Peoples in the United States of America, by placin it the the broadest possible international context, with special efforts to connect it with related issues in developing countries in general, and India in particular.

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1998. The Feasibility Study of Commercially Marketing Elk Meat. |White Mountain Apache Tribe. View Report (PDF)Abstract
1998. The Partnership of Traditional Navajo Medicine and Biomedical Health Care Practices at the Chinle Comprehensive Care Facility. | Navajo Nation. View Report (PDF)Abstract

This report is prepared for the "Role of Traditional Navajo Medicine" Committee at the Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility (CCHCF) in Chinle, Arizona. In January 1998, this committee was formed by the Chinle Service Unit (CSU) Advisory Health Board in order to develop a model of health care delivery that would facilitate the partnership (ahil na'anish) of traditional Navajo medicine (TNM) and biomedical health care practices (BHCP).

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1994. Building Connections: A Strategy to Integrate Resource Management | White Mountain Apache Tribe . View Report (PDF)Abstract
1994. Creating an Environment to Attract Investors and Develop New Enterprises on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation | Fort Mojave Indian Tribe. View Report (PDF)Abstract

The purpose of this paper is to identify key components for successful private investment and business development on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation. An integrated approach to development, which addresses both these components, should ultimately enable the Tribe to move towards economic self- determination and a sustainable economy.

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1994. The Impact of the American Health Security Act on Native Americans: A Report to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians | Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. View Report (PDF)Abstract
1994. The Oglala Lakota Judiciary: Meeting Nontribal Demands and Tribal Needs | Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation . View Report (PDF)Abstract

The judicial branch of the Oglala Sioux Tribe's government suffers from both existing and potentil problems. As an institution that houses the court, the police, and the prosecuting functions of tribal governance, the problems are especially critical. Operational barriers, questions of credibility, and possibly distorted goals plague the organizations that compose the judicial system. Correcting these problems involves serious foundational restructuring. Highly recimmended optins are...

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1994. One Tribe Beats the Odds: The Experience of the Fort McDowell Indian Gaming Center | Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. View Report (PDF)Abstract