Public Policy Analysis of Indian Gaming in Massachusetts | A Report to the Government of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)


Representative Daniel E. Bosley has recently recirculated his 1997 memorandum reporting the results of his investigation into the public policy of casino gaming in Massachusetts, particularly of Indian gaming. 1. The memorandum raises many important considerations regarding the potential impacts on the State of Massachusetts of an expansion of gambling offerings within the state. We have undertaken a systematic review of the relevant literature on the impacts of Indian gaming, including a study by Deloitte & Touche describing a Wampanoag casino proposal, 2. to assess the extent to which Representative Bosley’s memorandum appropriately assesses these impacts. We conclude that while the 1997 Bosley Memorandum asked a number of relevant and important public policy questions, the evidence available in 2002 no longer supports its conclusions. 

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