Excellence in Tribal Governance: An Honoring Nations Case Study - The Two-Plus-Two-Plus-Two Program | Hopi Tribe


Developed in 1997, the Two Plus Two Plus Two college transition program is a partnership between Hopi Junior/Senior High School, Northland Pioneer College, and Northern Arizona University. The program recruits junior and senior high school students to enroll in classes (including distance learning courses) that offer concurrent 20 college level credits. Upon graduation, students enrolled in Two Plus Two Plus Two can earn up to thirty transferable credits to any state or out-of-state accredited community college or university. The Program has led to a growing demand for math and science courses by students within the school and to increased college enrollment (forty-five percent of this year’s graduating class will attend two or four year institutions of higher education). Two Plus Two Plus Two is helping Hopi students attain advanced educational degrees and, in so doing, is empowering them with technological and academic skills that they can bring back to the rural reservation.

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Last updated on 03/03/2022