Research Overview

Harvard Project research and policy analysis are available in a variety of forms. Papers and publications may be searched via keyword or by using the filtered search system.

Encompassing over two decades of research, The Harvard Project’s and The Native Nations Institute’s books share seminal findings in support of nation building throughout Indian country.

Honoring Nations Reports
Celebrating, documenting, and disseminating the stories of the outstanding programs in self-governance that are daily emerging from the Native nations, Honoring Nations Reports highlight tribal government successes.

Honoring Nations Case Studies
Generated from the family of Honoring Nations honorees, case studies offer a deeper analysis of excellence in governance.

Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs (JOPNA)
Joint Occasional Papers on Native Affairs is a joint venture of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and its sister organization, the Native Nations Institute. The series grew from the desire to put the Harvard Project’s and Native Nations Institute’s premier academic research and policy reports together in one place.
(Visit the JOPNA website)

Article and Chapter Reprints
Much of the Harvard Project’s work has been published in professional journals and books. Pre-print versions of all published Harvard Project research, with complete citations to the published works, are available at this site.

Other Papers and Reports
Harvard Project scholars have written many additional working papers and commissioned reports, on topics as wide-ranging as the impact of welfare reform on Indian Country, reservation policing, government accountability, and leadership training, among others.

Testimony and Speeches
Harvard Project personnel are frequently invited to present testimony to various governmental bodies in both the United States and Canada; selected testimonies are available here. Text versions of several speeches by Harvard Project personnel and by their invited guests at Harvard Project events – including Richard Real Bird, former Chairman of the Crow Tribe, and Oren Lyons, Member of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Haudenosaunee – are also downloadable.

Field Reports
Students in the Masters program in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government have provided pro bono consulting to dozens of tribes and Native organizations since the Harvard Project’s founding. At the tribes’ and sponsoring organizations’ discretion, selected reports, covering topics from constitutional reform to environmental management, have been made more broadly available.

Teaching Cases
The John F. Kennedy School of Government has been a pioneer in the development of teaching materials for public policy professionals. Following this lead, the Harvard Project has produced a number of case studies that invite participants to immerse themselves in a tribal policy or development conundrum and wrestle with practical decision-making. Some cases come with teaching guides.

Tools and Data
The Harvard Project and Native Nations Institute have developed several tools for policy decision-makers, downloadable here. Datasets relevant to Harvard Project research will periodically be made available as well.