Hopkins must do more to honor Indigenous peoples

October 15, 2020
Policy papers and research produced by the Harvard Project and Native Nations Institute referenced in a discussion about the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tribal nations.

A day of reckoning

October 8, 2020
"For Native people in the U.S., Columbus Day represents a celebration of genocide and dispossession. The irony is that Columbus didn’t discover anything. Not only was he lost, thinking he had landed in India, but there is significant evidence of trans-oceanic contact prior to 1492. The day celebrates a fictionalized and sanitized version of colonialism, whitewashing generations of brutality that many Europeans brought to these shores."

EBCI Family Safety Program celebrates fifth anniversary

October 1, 2020
"On Oct. 1, 2015, the Family Safety Program became the child welfare and adult protective services program of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI).  The Family Safety Program took over jurisdiction from North Carolina Department of Social Services for any child welfare or adult protective matter arising on tribal trust land."

Red tape holding up $11B in relief for Indian Country

September 24, 2020
During an online panel hosted by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, tribal leaders and members of Congress discussed the unique challenges Indian Country is facing as it responds to COVID.

New Mexico Could See Expanded Gambling at Commercial Racetracks

September 21, 2020
"Tourism is a key revenue generator for casinos in Indian Country. That’s particularly so during the summer months for locations such as New Mexico, said Joseph Kalt, a political economist who heads up the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, speaking to"

Indigenous voices raised

September 7, 2020
"A study by the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development found ample evidence that economic development and self-sufficiency in tribal nations in the United States was closely linked to five factors: practical sovereignty, effective government institutions, cultural match, strategic orientation, and nation-building leadership."