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What Does Tribal Land Stewardship Look Like?

May 1, 2022
To understand Native land stewardship, it is important to recognize that it occurs within a context of repairing the ravages of colonialism. A new report, Models of Historic Tribal Land Stewardship in the Northern Great Plains, published by the First Nations Development Institute and authored by Mary Adelzadeh, examines these themes as it highlights efforts by four Native nations in Montana and South Dakota to restore stewardship principles to land management.

Climate change elevates environmental inequities

April 7, 2022
Climate change impacts tribal nations and other people of color more than other communities, leaving them to face “systemic inequalities” without having a voice in discussions at the state and federal level.

Building Native Nations

March 14, 2022
Ethel Branch '01, M.P.P. - J.D. '08 grew up in Navajo Nation. As a child, she says, she had a "pivotal" moment while walking to the outhouse on a hot summer morning: "I was like, damn, I would really like a cold bowl of cereal. And I can't have it, because I live on the reservation." As she walked, she could make out Winslow, Arizona, the nearest city.
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