Honoring Nations Honorees

The Honoring Nations Honorees demonstrate democratic principles and taking responsibility. Planting the seeds for the coming generations, Haudenosaunee history tells us that when the great Peacemaker came amongst our people some thousand years ago, he gave us democratic principles. These principles include an understanding of responsibility.

The Peacemaker told us, “When you sit and you council for the welfare of the people, think not of yourself, nor of your family, nor even of your generation.” He instructed us to make our decisions on behalf of seven generations coming, and those faces that are looking up from the earth, and each layer waiting their time, coming—coming—coming. We have responsibility. My uncle, Chief Shenandoah used to say, “You had better start planting.” That is what these honored programs are doing. Planting takes all kinds of forms and all kinds of ideas.

Oren R. Lyons 
Chairman, Honoring Nations Board of Governors

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